IR01745aDear Brothers and Sisters,

The cost of holding our retreats have gone up and unfortunately it is a cost that is out of the control of Core and due to budget increases at our current location.  Core is working on looking for new sites for 2016 and 2017 but for now we will be asking community to help with the Mission of 72 Fundraiser to help reduce the cost of retreats.  At the moment the cost to attend this years retreat is $230 a person but Core will be using funds from the Mission of 72 to keep the price of retreat down to $200 per person.  Scholarships will also be made available on a person by person case with hardships.

Click Here To Download Tri Parish ACTS Mission of the 72 Document


Mission of the Seventy-two


After this the Lord appointed seventy-two other whom he sent ahead of him in pairs to every town and place he intended to visit.  He said to them, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.  Go on your way; behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves.  Carry no money bag, no sack, no sandals; and greet no one along the way.


Into whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this household.’  If a peaceful person lives there, your peace will rest on him; but if not, it will return to you.  Stay in the same house and eat and drink what is offered to you, for the laborer deserves his payment.  Do not move about from one house to another.


Whatever town you enter and they welcome you, eat what is set before you, cure the sick in it and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God is at hand for you,’


Luke 10:1-9

Mission of the 72 Fundraiser


The Core Team is committed to spending community funds responsibly and to limit fundraising only to meeting the needs of the retreats and the community.  In the spirit of the sending of the 72 disciples in the Gospel of Luke, the Core Team has approved a fundraiser inviting individuals, couples, or families to donate $10 a month for one calendar year.  The Core Team Social Coordinator and Finance Coordinator administer the fundraiser with a Fundraising Chairperson representing the ACTS community.


Each of the disciples commits to donate $120 a year and the fundraiser will raise $17,280 a year.  This money will be allocated to each retreat, $3,000 for retreat expenses and $4,000 for scholarships. The total for retreat funds for both retreats is $6000 for retreat expenses and $8000 for scholarships.  The remaining funds, $3280, is allocated for Core Team administrative expenses and community activity expenses.


The intent of providing the additional retreat expenses is to remove the burden on team members to donate money or items for the team formation or retreat weekend.  This would limit the cost to team members to the $200 registration cost, team formation meeting drink and food donations, and ACTS shirts, if the team member elects to purchase shirts.


The Core Team and retreat teams follow the example of the 72 and the direction of ACTS Missions to keep ACTS retreats and activities simple and humble, only spending for necessary expenses.


Each of the disciples is invited to commit to one year of donation.  The Core Team and retreat director teams are asked to commit to this fundraiser, filling 20 of the disciple commitments.  The remaining disciple commitments will be filled by a different individual the second and following years, unless the community member requests to extend their commitment.  By rotating commitments, everyone in the community is invited to share the burden.


Donation envelopes and a payment forms are provide to those donating to ensure the funds are received and allocated to the appropriate account at Santa Rosa Church.  The payment form will also be available on the website.  Finally, an accounting of individual’s donation to the Mission of the 72 fundraiser will be provided on request.  It is important to use the payment form or to clearly state the donation is for the Tri Parish ACTS Mission of the 72 (payable to Santa Rosa ACTS) with the name of the individual for tracking purposes.

Any Questions Please Contact Joseph Montoya 512-905-5597 Facilitator or Francisca Aguirre 818-395-9791 Co-Facilitator