meeting-minutesDear Brothers and Sisters,

When was the last time you attended an ACTS Core meeting?  If you have never been to one we highly encourage you to attend and see what it is that we as a Core do for our ACTS Community.  Our Meetings are always open to the community and we also have a section in our meetings where we allow our community to voice there concerns or needs.  Below you will find some of the common responsibilities of Core and what it is we do for our ACTS Community.  Just like the Church is the Body of Christ and Jesus is at the head so is this Core, your are all the body of this ACTS Community and we simply are a part of that body but one can not tell the hand what to do without all of our cooperation and unity as one.  Please join us as one and help us to make our community grow and becoming stronger united and one.  Our next Core meeting will be Monday, July 6th at 7pm at Mary Immaculate Rectory Office.


What is the Core?

The governing body of the ACTS community is a group of men and women known as the Core. As with all parish ministries, the Core solicits the support of and is governed by the pastor. The greater good of the tri-parish is foremost in all activities of the Core and ACTS community.

Responsibilities of the Core

The Core is responsible for the decisions governing the ACTS ministry and in keeping with the guidelines and provisions of the ACTS charter. Their main responsibilities are:

  1. Assume responsibility for staffing each of the administrative roles.
  2. Facilitate the selection of the director of each retreat sponsored by the tri-parish community.
  3. Serve as a source for advice and counsel, new ideas and procedures for retreat directors.
  4. Ensure that ACTS retreats are held consistent with the description and guidelines set forth in the ACTS Missions Director’s Manual. It is recommended to have a Core member on each retreat team, but if that is not practical, to keep an open line of communication with the team.
  5. Provide and promote opportunities for faith sharing groups, evangelization, community service, and other faith-enriching events.