The governing body of the ACTS community is a group of men and women known as the Core. As with all parish ministries, the Core solicits the support of and is governed by the pastor. The greater good of the tri-parish is foremost in all activities of the Core and ACTS community.

Responsibilities of the Core

The Core is responsible for the decisions governing the ACTS ministry and in keeping with the guidelines and provisions of the ACTS charter. Their main responsibilities are:

  1. Assume responsibility for staffing each of the administrative roles.
  2. Facilitate the selection of the director of each retreat sponsored by the tri-parish community.
  3. Serve as a source for advice and counsel, new ideas and procedures for retreat directors.
  4. Ensure that ACTS retreats are held consistent with the description and guidelines set forth in the ACTS Missions Director’s Manual. It is recommended to have a Core member on each retreat team, but if that is not practical, to keep an open line of communication with the team.
  5. Provide and promote opportunities for faith sharing groups, evangelization, community service, and other faith-enriching events.

Meet the Core Team

The Core consists of 15 men and women from the tri-parish community: 12 voting members, the two upcoming Retreat Directors, as well as a Pastoral Liaison. You may contact any of these members by clicking the “Contact Me” button under their name.

Alicia Mejia

Retreat Support Coordinator / Social Coordinator
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Edgar Gonzales

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Cece Moreno

Retreat Supplies Coordinator
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James Forbes

Retreat Support Coordinator
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Rev. John Curran, OMI

Pastoral Liason
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Lydia Carrizosa

Core Facilitator
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Noemi Castaneda

Communications Coordinator
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Patrick Hagan

Financial Coordinator
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Rafael Sanchez

Spiritual Coordinator
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Henry Castillo

Social Coordinator
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Joe Torres

Retreat Supply Coordinator
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